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[Firefox] Trick to Bypass Hotlink Images on Google Reader

Web site owners hate others leeching their bandwidth by directly linking to the images. By preventing others from doing this, a little htaccess modification will do the trick. However often the site owners have over done this and causes broken images on the RSS feed readers.

Here is a neat trick for Firefox users to bypass the hotlinking protection and get to view the images from your online RSS reader.


Step 1: In your address bar, type about:config to bring out the settings.

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Glomobi is a SCAM


Last night, my girlfriend got her M1 phone bill with an additional 28 dollars was charged on the so-called “Value Added Services”. The charges were come from a company called Glomobi.

Just google and we found their infamous misleading advertising method around the market. Their “con” strategy is through advertising on media like TV and newspaper by provide ringtones downloading and buy/bid products. Glomobi not only a Singapore company, it is international! This type of conning method can make a company grow so big!

Rubbish is just rubbish

All the while, my girlfriend didn’t reply any of the rubbish SMS from them but the $2/sms fee was actually coming from the SMS you received! I didn’t know they are now allowed to charge people by just sending out SMS! I feel that so many people was cheated by the misleading ads and the regulations yet couldn’t protect us.

Think who will read the small terms and conditions text on the commercial with only few seconds flashing on the TV screen? What Glomobi did is running the loophole of the entire system. As the telecommunication companies, of course, they allow this kind of rubbish spam sending to their users since they also get additional earnings.

Damn. I must hurry start a company sending out SMS and charge everyone I know or I don’t know for $2! Or maybe next time I should borrow the handphone from someone I dislike and help him to subscribe this service. *evil grinning*

My 2 Cents

My conclusion is there is no such thing as a free lunch. I think most people like us will just pay up the fee, stop the subscription and take it as a lesson. But could we stop them? Could we lodge complain or raise a petition to authority to stop an advertisement broadcasting on TV or get Telco to stop allowing such sms sending through the network? At least stop this type of unhealthy rubbish scam further more spreading around. Who knows one day your parents or your kids might be the next victim.

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