Cameron Highland: Steamboat @ Restoran Highlands

The chilling weather made us want to have something that can keep us warm. Steamboat dinner was the best choice! Steamboat here wasn’t eat-all-you-can, it came with a fixed portion. The price at Restoran Highlands was RM16++/person.

Waiting is always the most painful moment, especially steamboat, still need to wait the soup to boil. I’m hungry!



Maybe just my habit? For steamboat, I surely will need all kinds of sauces, here they provided only 2 kinds, chilli sauce + soy sauce.

Steamboat restaurants here were using charcoal. But this is not grilling, the food didn’t contact directly to the fire. So I’m not very sure whether the purpose of charcoal was to make the soup more tastier or just cost-cutting?!

A lot of fresh Cameron highlands veg was underneath the meat. This make the steamboat which I consider it as a diet balance meal and won’t feel so guilty.

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  • karen

    hi….. may i know where is the place? brinchang? tanah rata?……….

    • paikia

      I don’t have the actual address but it is walkable distant from Rosa Pasadena hotel.