Price Comparison: Where to get the Cheapest iPhone 4?

iphone price

By 30th of July, iPhone 4 has been selling over 20 over countries. Nearly half of them are locked with the carriers. Above bar chart shows the price of iPhone4 selling around the world in Eurodollar. The cheapest iPhone 4 is Hong Kong and Singapore. In contrast, the most expensive iPhone 4 is in Italy. The price of its 16GB is expensive than Hong Kong’s 32GB!

I went back to Malaysia last weekend, found that the price of iPhone 3GS with carrier contract is still selling at RM2,400. If any Malaysians want to get an iPhone, come to Singapore! The price of iPhone 4 16GB without any contract is SGD888, after the currency conversion, it is merely RM2100.

Source: link to the original chart

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