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Timbre @Old School: The Food

We didn’t have a proper celebration on the count down for the year 2010, so after work, we had a small dinner gathering over Timbre @Old School on last Thursday. There are 3 Timbre branches in Singapore. Since the next day we still have to get up early to work, we chose the one with the live band performance started the earliest.

Timbre @Old School is located at Mount Sophia, high on top of the hill behind Plaza Singapura. Before getting to the spot, you need to climbing up a long flight of stairs. I think I’m getting old, climbing the stairs already very tired. For that reason, I need more beer to numb myself.

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Xmas and 十月围城 @ Orchard Road

Went down to Orchard Road yesterday to catch the movie “Bodyguards & Assassins” 十月围城. Luckily I did an online booking; the queue for movie ticket buying was very long. Although earlier on that day, Cathay cinema web site kept giving me loading issue. We ended up watching the movie at Lido Shaw House.

A very quick review of the movie: the film wasn’t great. I guess I’ve put too much expectations after getting all the perception from various sources, including the newspaper critics and people around me saying the movie is good. For me, this movie was too commercialize and the storyline in a too unnatural way which I dislike it. The balance of humour and the seriousness of this movie wasn’t there to bring audience deep into this historical event. If really could, skip this movie! Avatar is a very much better choice.

After the movie, it was around 9pm, the timing was perfect to enjoy the Xmas lighting @Orchard. This year there are three new shopping centers open in Orchard Road – ION Orchard, Orchard Central and Somerset 313.

The above photo was taken inside the gigantic Christmas tree in front of ION Orchard. Inside was just too crowded.

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Anime Festival Asia ‘09 – On Stage Cosplay Championship & Danny Choo

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I was late, too bad all the seats were taken. Lucky there was still space at the side for me to squeeze with the crowd. Hoping to get the best view, I could only zoom in to the maximum 200mm and high ISO to take the stage photos.

The 6 team South East Asia cosplay finalists came from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. Winner will get to win a trip to Tokyo.

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Anime Festival Asia ’09 – Action Figures

I feel guilty for not fully participating in the barcampsg4 event, I only listened two topics. After that, I was at the AFA’09 for rest of the time! Even I reached there in the late morning, I consider myself quite early, the queue was very long.

The ticket was $15, quite expensive, compared to the last two Anime Fair I attended. However most of the school kids don’t really care about the price. Especially now is school holiday, people queuing next to me are cosplayers and all are still secondary schools. To them, I’m an uncle already!


Stepping into the hall, the first booth was Bandai. Almost all the Anime show, Bandai will surely be there. They still have their most famous product – Gundam. Just wiki Gundam, you can find the long history of Gundam starting from the 80’s.

I’m not a Gundam fan, I only roughly know that the Gundam action figure have their own grading. From master grade, prefect grade, high grade and etc.

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Dinner @Lot1 Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room

Went out with my girlfriend to Choa Chu Kang Lot1 library to return books and had our dinner there. I missed Hong Kong cuisine especially my last Hong Kong trip was 2 years ago.

In Singapore, Hong Kong food chained stores has invaded every shopping malls.  So, it isn’t difficult to find a Hong Kong restaurant around.

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Starhub brings in iPhone “Later this Year”!

Just few days I signed up with Singtel, Starhub today press release announced that they will bring in iPhone later this year. Wah, but did they said later this year?! Isn’t that the same as what M1 announced earlier? Since already going to be December, why can’t they make a confirmed date?

Singapore, 9 November 2009 – StarHub and Apple have reached an agreement to bring iPhone to customers in Singapore later this year. StarHub looks forward to offering iPhone and a range of tailored service plans to customers in Singapore.

More information on pricing, tariffs and availability dates will be released in due course.

Starhub Press Release: Media Statement – iPhone

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