Stop Google Analytics Visit Tracking

Those who are very concern about their online privacy will be glad to know that now you can opt-out from Google Analytics. On the recent Google Public Policy blog post, Google announced that even though they do not reveal any personal information to website owners, but now visitors have the choice to opt-out for Google Analytics.

opt-out Google Analytics

All you need to do is go to their new opt-out for Google Analytics site to download the browser Add-on. It is currently available for IE 7 and 8, Google Chrome 4 and higher, and Firefox 3.5 and higher.

Would you or would not?

On Google Analytics web site, they have an overview page showing that the information they have been collected and the usage. It is crystal clear that all the data collected are anonymous, so website owner will know who you are! No one will know you have searching a particular keyword from the search engine and lead to the website.

Obviously, this move from Google indicates that they want to let users feel that Google do care about the privacy and you have the full control of your own internet activities. I highly doubt how many people will actually go through the opt-out program.

My 2 cents, you wouldn’t need to install Google Analytics opt-out add on for your browser.

Source: Greater choice and transparency for Google Analytics

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