How to Purchase Kindle ebooks in Singapore or Malaysia?

At the beginning of this year, I covered how to get a Kindle to ship to Singapore, similar methods also can be applied to Kindle restricted countries. After that, the second most asked question I get was ‘How do I purchase Kindle books outside of USA?’.

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Of course, if your countries not within the restricted region, you can directly purchase the ebook with your credit card. But I found out that United States Amazon will have the most complete book titles compare to other country Kindle stores. So, this might be a good reason for you to buy books on United States Kindle store.

Here are the steps from my experience:

  1. You need to ensure you have set your country to United States
    1. Go to -> Your Account -> Manage your Kindle -> Your Country
    2. Select United States. I’m not sure whether it need a valid USA address for validation, but if you previously purchase your Kindle with a USA mail forwarder like me, then this won’t give you any issue.
  2. Actual Ebooks Purchase
    1. The method I used is buying some Amazon Gift Cards and email to yourself. So by doing that, you are able to top up your Amazon Account with some money credits. It sounds like some sort of money laundry, hehe.
    2. This method bypasses Amazon from checking whether you have a USA credit card.

That’s all. If you have any other methods that worth sharing with our readers, leave a comment below!

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  • Cooljinglepuff

    Hi there, I just got my Kindle Keyboard and now I was barred from downloading any books from the Kindle store. I’m not using any credit card so I was just hoping that I could always download the free books that’s available. Unfortunately, after 7 free books that I download, I receive a message saying that I was trying to purchase an item that’s not available on my amazon account. Now I’m devastated. I was wondering if you could help me on purchasing books(free) from kindle store without problem? 

    • paikia

      Have you changed your Kindle Country to USA in the account setting page?

      • Cooljinglepuff

        Yup, I changed it to USA and I used San Francisco address as my US address but I still got the error. Any idea how to solve this problem? 

        • paikia

          What is the error? I heard before some said need to send in some identification to Amazon for address verification.
          I didn’t get this issue because I directly use my mail forwarder address to make buy Kindle, so address was verified at the time.

          • Cooljinglepuff

            The error is something like ‘It seems that you are trying to purchase an item that is not listed under your Amazon account. Please call us at this (number) or email us your particulars.’ 

            I put my address under US. I made the account few days ago and I just got my Kindle yesterday. (I put San Francisco, California as my US address). I managed to dl 7 books before I got the error. I tried the hotspotshield but it doesn’t seem to work on me. I don’t know what went wrong. Perhaps I key in the wrong address but that’s the address I used on the internet (found out from the yellow pages in US). 

          • Cooljinglepuff

            the error is like this ” Please contact us or change your country to complete your purchase. You attempted to purchase an item while in a different country than listed on your Amazon account. Are you traveling outside your country?

            Please contact customer service in order to continue purchasing Kindle items.
            You can easily update your country for your Amazon account.
            Did you recently move to a new country?

          • paikia

            Maybe only you make a small purchase using the new USA address then immediately that address can get verified…